Amin Brothers Engineers (Pvt.) Ltd. (ABEL) was duly licensed with certificate of incorporation in 1978. ABEL has since diversified its vision into various branches of business of which Water is one field in which it has steadily excelled with a mission to improve and protect the lives of Pakistanis.

ABEL being an engineering based company concentrates on design-built methodology. To fulfill the rapidly innovative technologies and demands in the industry, we implement the same through our highly qualified foreign management, technical staff and consultants, to be one of the pioneers and leaders of this industry. Our company offers a wide range of Water Treatment solutions including, Ultra Filtration system, Ultra Violet system, Reverse Osmosis system and Water Softener system. Our teams of specialist engineers, draftsmen and trades people are able to custom design and build such water treatment plants for a wide range of domestic, municipal, commercial and industrial applications. ABEL was the first to have complete assembly and production units of water filtration/ treatment plants in Pakistan.