ABEL has established Corporate HSE policy that covers all aspects of Health, Safety, Environment and Security. This policy applies across all levels of our corporate organization and to all of its corporate activates, including all offices, sites and warehouses, where we are working or where work is being carried out on our behalf, such as, vendors, fabricators and sub-contractors.

ABEL Managing Director has issued a comprehensive policy statement defining HSE Policy which is also attached.


ABEL’s management recognize responsibility for promoting standard safety and is committed to develop and maintain the appropriate system, procedure and program to implement the safety policy.

ABEL’s action in all areas of operations, are:

  • Personnel safety First
  • All accident and injuries can be prevented
  • All tasks must be planned and performed with due concern for safety
  • Safety is management responsibility
  • Management has the responsibility to train employees to work safely to  a “safe working” culture.


As described above, we tend to maintain a stringent policy for safety. It is our belief experience that using following methods can prevent accidents:

  • Identify and eliminate or minimize inherent hazards in the work.
  • Closely monitor each step of the work to promptly eliminate hazards and unsafe
  • Provide clear and concise written instructions, for the work to be
  • Appoint trained and qualified supervisors and
  • Maintain hazards awareness and safety motivation
  • Recognize and award outstanding
  • Provide personal protective
  • Provide proper tools and equipment for the execution of
  • Maintain fire prevention
  • Provide first aid staff & facilities at work places.


The Project Managers are responsible for implementing the Safety Policies and Programs and will be our Safety Representative at respective projects.

Subcontractor Safety

Subcontractor safety compliance is a major loss prevention goal. We make sure  subcontractors recognize and accept their responsibility to achieve safety measures.

The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring subcontractor performance in accordance with our safety program. As part of the bidding process, the Project Manager will explain to potential subcontractors the safety standards that are expected of them.

Safety Training

Safety training for construction labor will be conducted directly by ABEL or indirectly through the following:

  • Site admission
  • Pre-Construction meeting with
  • Training and
  • Safety Meetings and Tool box
  • Incentive awards and safety competition

Safety Statistics

Being part of the overall monthly repotting procedures, the Project Manager will issue an update report of the job site safety statistics for the length of the Project showing the month, the working man-hours and accident incident rates.

The Head Office Management of safety will utilize these figures in producing an overall Corporate Loss Prevention status Report for Management assessment  project management safety efforts.

Environmental Concerns

ABEL, in accordance with the International standards / requirements with respect to environmental issues, particularly the requirements of the local Pakistan laws and regulations, will address all the issues.

During the execution stage any hazardous and toxic substances brought to the work place will be strictly controlled and stored in a proper manner. Construction activities will be planned to limit disturbance of existing condition as much as possible during site preparation, embankment preparation, sewer and drainage work. Site generated wastes will be handled, segregated, transported and disposed of in accordance with local environmental regulations.


A site security officer will be deputed under the Project manager to plan and control all aspects of sites security, liaison with local authorities and work closely with the site safety officer.