Amin Brothers Engineers Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. (ABEL) provides the Client with a technically sound, commercially attractive proposal that, if we are successful, will lead to the competent, timely, and safe execution of the Project. Our commitment to complete quality projects, on Schedule, within our Client’s Budget and with regard to personnel health, safety and environment. As with other projects we have executed, our involvement does not end with hand-over to the Client but has continued with operational support and prompt response to site requirements.


ABEL maintains a genuine concern for the safety and health of all employees, clients and vendors and ranks employee safety as its No.1 priority. All levels of staff, from corporate to rank and file, regardless of operational level, have the responsibility to observe sound safety, health and environmental practices.

ABEL is already familiar with the local administration involved in complying with Pakistan Government regulations based on our collective experience on projects completed to international standards. ABEL is very proud of its safety record and has received many commendations for this.


An important measure undertaken by ABEL is to ensure completion of the Project on Schedule, within budget and with utmost regard to health, safety and environment, risk identification and its management. Readily available is the experience, knowledge and analytical tools needed to identify and assess these risks, together with the resources needed to establish contingencies to mitigate and control those risks that cannot otherwise be avoided.


ABEL’s history of carrying out construction projects on tight schedules has forced us to develop the most efficient and cost-effective means to manage projects in such a way as to ensure they will be completed on time and will meet the performance requirements. The key Project Task Force personnel assigned to the Projects carry the know-how and experience with them.


ABEL has considerable experience in using sophisticated computer based systems and has developed a comprehensive data communication system to support project execution. A considerable portfolio of programs and software applications are available for use by the Project Team. Continuous improvements and up-grades are made, as necessary, by our in-house IT department.