“We have the expertise for sustainable growth”

ABEL provides its municipal and industrial clients with the tools to grow sustainably: to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations/

  • We measure and improve environmental and economic performance
  • We help turn water into a resource by making it drinkable
  • We implement energy-positive water treatment strategies


We have witnessed a growing demand from municipalities and leading industrial companies for a greater understanding of the environmental and economic risks associated with water challenges.

Understanding and quantifying the impact on water resources is essential to maintain the sustainability and future prosperity of the planet: there is no substitute for water.

And our wide range of technologies includes several proven applications for filtration, membranes, biological treatment, Ultra-filtration, Nano-filtration, Reverse Osmosis, granular activated carbon, UV and Ozone treatment.

In addition, as a dedicated supplier of environmental services, ABEL also strives to help its clients grow and reach their financial objectives in a sustainable way.