ABEL has always stressed on the importance of a responsible approach to sustainability. For this reason, the company has developed a portfolio that includes alternative energy sources with solar power generation playing a fundamental role. For most of the water scarce regions across South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, the opportunity of solar power development is in abundance. ABEL has taken strides to equip itself fully with the knowledge and technology to provide its clients with the necessary tools for fully sustainable management of all projects. Moreover, with the long-term savings on power costs and investment in solar technology make economic as well as environmental sense. ABEL is stocked with a variety of top tier solar energy technology, with:

  • PV paneling in a range of appropriate sizes
  • Tracking systems
  • Power packs and inverters
  • Submersible and surface solar-powered pumps


Additionally, there is the possibility of attaching to the grid in case of a required increase in output or 24-hour operation. We have honed the use of these alternative technologies through design and operation of solar powered water filtration plants by having partnered with only the best of solar technology providers, and are constantly exploring opportunities for further application and development of a wider scope of use.